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Tips from "More" magazine...

Tips I found in a magazine, may be helpful...

  • Want to lose up to 4lb immediately? Beat fluid retention by drinking dandelion leaf tea.
  • To avoid bloating: eat slowly, avoid foods like peas, beans, sprouts, cabbage and onions and have a probiotic drink or yoghurt such as Yakult or Actimel everyday.
  • A lack of sleep increases your appetite by up to 300 calories per day, so lie in and lose 5lb in two months!
  • Burn up to 60 calories during a 15-minute phone conversation just by walking around. Just five telephone chats like that each day will help you lose up to 7lb in 12 weeks. Result.

100 calorie treats-

  • 2 single (25ml) measures of a spirit with a diet mixer, such as diet cola or slimline tonic.
  • 275ml bottle bacardi Breezer Diet Orange.
  • 2-finger Kit Kat.
  • 1 small packet of Skips crisps.
  • 1 Boots Shapers Double Chocolate Treat bar.
  • 1 sachet instant low-fat hot chocolate and 2 chocolate fingers.
  • 25g pack Marks&Spencer Count On Us... Salt and Pepper Pretzels.

...yum yum : ) i hope they are helpful...


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